What is PROGNOZ BI and what is it used for?

Prognoz: Fully integrated BI platform that provides easy-to-use tools for building business applications with a wide range of analytical capabilities.

Prognoz offers advanced visual discovery and analysis solutions for companies seeking to improve business performance and drive innovation.

Prognoz solutions help senior managers and experts leverage the information needed to gain insight into business processes, make better decisions, predict future opportunities and take strategic action.

Business users now have intuitive tools to create dashboards in minutes, without the need for IT support.

With this tool, IT professionals and advanced users can easily generate complex scheduled reports.

This tool provides enterprise users with capabilities for real-time, multidimensional data analysis combined with powerful visualizations.

This tool provides capabilities for statistical data processing and time series analysis along with advanced analysis and preparation of data for modeling.

To help users with optimal simulation, forecasting, and control issues, this tool is complemented by a wide range of modeling methods, including econometric, balance, optimization, and criterion functions.

Features and Functions of PROGNOZ BI

  • Management of ideas
  • Mudget management
  • Mesource management
  • Mollaboration tools
  • Mgile methodologies
  • Milestone monitoring
  • Mantt diagrams
  • Mortfolio management
  • Monitoring hours /expenses
  • Mustomer portal

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