What is PROJECT LIST and what is it used for?


Scrum Time is a project management system, workgroup control tool, planner and task manager, all in one.

Scrum Time is a project management system that is a workgroup control tool, scheduler and task manager, all in one. You get it free of charge or for a minimum price.

Scrum style board with a limited number of Scrum features. The Dashboard allows you to view all running tasks and their progress. It can be used with both team-based and individual projects. The workflow is free and is based on self-regulation. Actions are performed with a single move within an easy-to-use interface and do not need any instruction.

The Scrum format includes the most important feature: the Dashboard, but it also adds workflow organization logic and personal tasks. Everything here is built on Scrum and all necessary Scrum tools are included. If you decide to use this type of project, you need to understand the terminology of Scrum: Sprint, Reunion, Story Points, etc. For this, see the section of the information base.

This style manages to create new task states. It can be used as a basic tool for managing customer relationships (CRM). Scrum Time fixed prices for any style, give to get an advanced commercial application for your company at very favorable prices.

Features and Functions of PROJECT LIST

  • Budget management
  • Besource management
  • Bollaboration tools
  • Bgile methodologies
  • Bilestone monitoring

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