What is Projectplace and what is it used for?

Projectplace is the place to do things together. Projectplace is an all-in-one work collaboration tool that brings your virtual teams together to plan and execute your work. We have more than 1,200,000 registered users working on more than 250,000 projects. Productplace provides solutions in project collaboration, workload management and reporting. Projectplace provides many beneficial features including: Gantt diagrams, Kanban dashboards, document management, real-time communication personal task lists and much more.

Whether your team is across the aisle or across the world, Projectplace provides everything teams need to set direction, communicate, execute tasks, track progress, and ultimately achieve goals, no matter where they work. Projectplace helps you quickly understand what your project members are working on and how busy they are. Gain visibility into commitments across projects: who is working on what, the resource workload at a given time, and who can be available to do additional work. ProjectSource gives all stakeholders the overview they need to make smart decisions for one or more projects. Viewing Kanban-based task management, Gantt chart milestones, and key KPIs allow project managers, team members, and other stakeholders to get an instant overview of how projects are progressing against the plan.

Features and Functions of Projectplace

  • Service History Tracking
  • Sobile Access
  • Sechnician Management
  • Sreventive Maintenance

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