Ragic Builder

What is Ragic Builder and what is it used for?

Ragic makes creating databases in the cloud as easy as editing a spreadsheet form.

Flexible enterprise cloud database with a spreadsheet style online database creator to allow businesses of all sizes to develop their own relational databases without any programming. Customers can also install from the library that contains ready-to-use database applications. Benefits include web embedding, correct user access settings, powerful binding options, reporting and easier approval processes.

The Ragic tool is amazing. In 4 weeks, we’ve completely transformed the operations of a $11MM business. We have put much of our processes and data into Ragic!

People can spend as much as 90% of their time working with Excel.

We want to offer a way for everyone, not just developers, to build a small set of database applications with everything that fits your business operation. The fact that millions of people are already using spreadsheets to manage their data is a good start for us. It is a common ground that all entrepreneurs share. So we make the experience of designing a database system very similar to editing a spreadsheet, something everyone knows how to do, and make using the database application very similar to editing a spreadsheet.

With all the business technologies in the world, is Excel the most popular “database” in the world? There must be something very wrong here. When we look at how a company adopts database systems, it has essentially two options: A) Buy a software package; or B) Build your own system.

A) Buy a software package. If you’ve walked the path of the software package, you’ll know that they are notoriously large, difficult to learn, and costly to maintain. They are not meant to be high maintenance, but because each company has such different needs, these packages grow more and more trying to cover all imaginable needs. You end up with a product that can only understand 10% of what you do, and a great cost to keep this great machine running smoothly.

B) Build your own system. On the other side of the road is to build it yourself. Whether it’s developed internally or subcontracted, you create a fully customized database application that fits perfectly with your business. But good software takes years to develop, and custom projects rarely enjoy the luxuries of time and money. Custom projects are usually built by the listener (usually the highest bidder), and everything is done to minimize costs. It’s no secret that IT projects are incredibly expensive and often fail.

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