What is Ramco and what is it used for?

Ramco Logistics Software is an integrated, cloud-based suite designed to help third-party courier, carrier and logistics service providers automate processes related to logistics management. The transportation management system allows users to manage end-to-end delivery processes, order tracking, toll station routes and driver performance monitoring. Key features of Ramco Logistics software include direct transit, barcodes/RFID, order management, forecasting, purchasing and scheduling. The platform comes with a warehouse management system, which allows companies to categorize, preserve and dispose of damaged stock, as well as optimize various order fulfillment systems. Ramco Logistics Software’s fleet management module enables companies to manage the entire asset lifecycle, from tracking asset health to planning maintenance activities and performing repairs. Ramco Logistics Software enables suppliers and customers to manage invoice generation, track minor expenses and identify revenue leaks.

Who is Ramco aimed at?

Ramco Logistics Software is an integrated cloud -based suite designed to help messaging service providers, transporters and third -party logistics to automate the processes related to the logistics management of medium and large companies.

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