What is Skyscraper and what is it used for?

Skyscraper is a software that integrates processes of invoicing, collections, issuance of payments (checks-transfers), income, bank reconciliation, payroll, accounting, internal mail, control of assets and liabilities, etc., under a global approach whose processes are interconnected with each other, with the aim of achieving an online system, for this reason the Skyscraper system does not have any  «month closing»  process and no integration of balances or operations is needed to update the different buildings. 

It is a multi-user and multitasking system designed under Windows environment, with database engine under client server scheme and screens of easy application, presentation and processes designed to facilitate the administrative work and daily management of any office dedicated to this field of real estate.

Who is Skyscraper aimed at?

Condominium administrators, individuals of the administration, condominium meetings in self -management.

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