RD Station

What is RD Station and what is it used for?

This tool helps to greatly simplify the daily tasks of the company through automation. Features of : : Enables email marketing automation. – Create workflows. In other words, the company can automate its daily work processes so that all tasks follow predetermined rules. – Create segmented contact lists based on users who are cold or warm leads, leads or customers, etc. – Create landing pages. In other words, it allows you to create pages with specific objectives: sales or lead generation. – Creation of shapes. -Allows qualified users with prospect rating. In other words, it ranks leads in your database based on whether they are close to your ideal customer or «buyer persona.» This allows for more accurate and effective campaigns. – Tracking user activity with lead tracking. – Create pop-ups. – Schedule social media posts. – Manage Facebook ads.

Who is RD Station aimed at?

Designed for ventures, medium and small companies in growing markets.

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