What is Reachmail and what is it used for?

ReachMail gives you all the tools you need to make your campaigns successful. Includes access to hundreds of templates and the ability to schedule your campaign ahead of time.

Enjoy detailed reports to see who opened, clicked, and forwarded your emails. You can also share content on networks like Facebook and Twitter!

Schedule a series of messages to welcome your new subscribers using autoresponders, and get detailed real-time metrics of all your campaigns.

ReachMail is a web-based email marketing software solution that offers scalable monthly plans to meet the needs of small, medium, and even enterprise-grade marketers. Priced according to the emails sent and the number of subscribers, each option includes a number of features for the creation, management and management of multiple campaigns by multiple users.

ReachMail provides tools for creating and writing responsive emails that look consistent and professional on both mobile and desktop devices. Its drag-and-drop message designer and selection of free customizable email templates join Litmus previews. Here, campaign managers can see how email messages will be processed across all popular platforms and customers, with images turned on or off.

Similarly, newsletter content and campaigns can be verified and analyzed for performance under flexible A/B message testing capabilities, with ReachMail’s built-in reporting module that also provides live metrics of clicks, message forwarding (viral marketing), and delivery statistics. among others.

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