Redash Data Tools

What is Redash Data Tools and what is it used for?

Redash Data Visualization: Enjoy the power and convenience of Redash’s query editor. Easily visualize your results in a variety of formats: chart, cohort, pivot, box chart, map, counter, sankey, sunburst, and word cloud.

Gather information from multiple sources on thematic boards and share your data history with colleagues, other teams, or external partners. You can also set up alerts and receive notifications about certain events.

Redash has SSO, access control and many other excellent features for business-friendly workflow. It also supports SQL, NoSQL, Big Data, and API data sources.

Redash is a very complete Open Source tool for the manipulation and visualization of your business data. Redash is able to connect to a multitude of data sources to get information from all your systems and provide you with a complete and integrated view of your business data. In addition, it is complemented by an alert system and the ability to manage access to data for your employees. What comes to be, an integrated system to visualize the global data of your business.

The most important features of Redash are:

Connectivity with many data sources (Databases, Google docs, Jira, ERP, etc).
Open Source.
Installable in the cloud or on your servers.
Management of user access to data.
Integrations with other tools (For example, Slack).
Create custom dashboards.

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