Rent Centric

What is Rent Centric and what is it used for?

Running a car rental operation is a complex business and can be stressful at first. Our priority at Rent Centric is to simplify this responsibility for you and make it a more enjoyable experience overall. We offer a cost-effective and easy-to-use system that can be accessed online from anywhere. Our system combines and offers a smooth management of your technology, customer service and business processes. In today’s connected world, it is very difficult to run a successful car rental business without a proper car rental management system. This involves many different aspects that can generate great difficulties without the right management tools. At Rent Centric, we develop management solutions that can help you in the areas of Customer Service, Fleet Management, Employee Performance, Distribution Partners, Online Bookings, GPS Tracking and Accounting and Financial Reporting. With this, our software keeps all aspects of your business connected and under control. Get up and running right away with the world’s most proven car rental, motorhome rental, motorcycle rental, and dealer loan software program. Watch our demo videos to see why thousands of customers love using Rent Centric.

Who is Rent Centric aimed at?

Automobile rental, car shared, caravan rental, motorcycle rental, shared fleet use, boat rentals, GPS telematics, companies.

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