Restaurant Manager

What is Restaurant Manager and what is it used for?

Restaurant Manager (RM) is a Shift4 company that designed point-of-sale (POS) software for the food services industry with a focus on the commercial needs of independent restaurants and regional chains. RM control simplifies customer accommodation.

The RM POS app has been installed in more than 20,000 restaurants worldwide. RM partners with a channel of highly qualified value-added resellers providing consulting and technical services to restaurants. Accurately manage projected timeouts and organize overall journal management with RM wait list.

With Restaurant Manager’s Restaurant POS system, servers change tables faster and reduce timeouts with easy review and split items. The restaurant POS system maximizes your revenue by instantly adding an item from any POS workstation, enabling more accurate reporting.

Mobile point of sale solutions allow servers to spend 100% of their time at the restaurant instead of waiting online at a POS station to re-enter an order they have already annotated on the table. When you mobilize your servers with RM Handheld or RM Tablet, you will quickly increase your revenue and reduce costs.

Learn about gaps, staff productivity, which menu items perform well, and a wide variety of important operational information. Eliminate theft and waste with a powerful and robust inventory control module. Robust reports help you make better business decisions.

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