Reve Chat

What is Reve Chat and what is it used for?

REVE Chat is a multichannel cloud-based live chat software that provides instant support to your website visitors to improve customer service and increase sales conversions.

Companies can instantly interact with their customers through various channels such as live website chat, voice/video chat, Facebook Messenger, Viber, mobile apps (Android, iOS) using a single platform. REVE Chat also has advanced features such as screen sharing and co-browsing, department management, automatic triggers.

REVE Chat also features advanced features such as screen sharing and co-browsing, department management, automatic triggers, visitor analytics, queues, fully customizable chat banners and more to customize every customer interaction across multiple channels.

REVE Chat Mobile Apps. Stay in the lead to provide live chat support and instant support to your website visitors and customers at any time through REVE chat. Available on Android and iOS.

REVE Chat, online live chat software can be integrated into the website in a few minutes. There are times when visitors to your website may get confused and seek instant help.

REVE Chat brings a solution for this. At any time, visitors can click on the chat banner to start live chat support. Therefore, adding a live chat widget on the website is one of the most effective ways to communicate with visitors to your website.

Face to face communication within your website. This feature allows visitors to talk and see support agents in real time. Whenever they need help, they can easily get this service.

In the REVE Chat widget, there will be a “Video Call” button when clicked on which they can make live video calls. Through online support software, you can provide a more personalized experience to your customers when they arrive on your website.

Now turn every conversation into an amazing experience with REVE Chat’s incredible voice calling experience. REVE Chat brings a new dimension to customer support with its ease of voice calls.

Here customers do not need to wait endlessly for support staff to respond. With a simple click, you can now call your support staff directly when they need help. In the REVE Chat window, there will be a ‘Voice Call’ button clicking on which they can make live calls.

Have you ever wanted to provide a live chat service to visitors to your Facebook company page? With REVE Chat you can now. Once you have integrated REVE Chat with your Facebook company page, customers can simply click the ‘Message Now’ button to start chatting with their support team. They can also connect with you via Facebook Messenger.

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