Rezku Prime

What is Rezku Prime and what is it used for?

Rezku Prime is a front-of-house restaurant management software used to manage tables, servers, reservations, waitlists and streamline FOH operations. With Rezku Prime, you have full control of online bookings. You choose tables, schedules and availability. New update of reservations and cancellations in the system automatically, so you never get caught unsuspecting.

Set custom event plans and holidays ahead of time so that reservation and table availability are always accurate. Get the complete restaurant table management and reservation system for full service restaurants. Maintain your high standards of quality customer service, even when you are in deficit. With a beautiful 19-inch touchscreen, all in one tablet, you have a full view of the facade. Manage the entire dining room from one screen.

Add unlimited submenus and delete the search. Drag and drop to set the order. Add images and colors the way you want. Speed is everything. You need a POS that delivers faster service, reduces operating costs, and dramatically improves the guest experience. Manage everything from any device, anywhere. Equipped with features such as, advanced check splitting, gift cards, scheduled discounts, customizable reports, drag-and-drop menu creation, food costs, ingredient level inventory and more.

In just 15 minutes you will see everything Rezku Prime can do for restaurant table management and reservations. Your personal restaurant management technology expert will guide you through how restaurateurs like you have taken control of the service and increased seats with unlimited reservations, free of charge online and at home.

Features and Functions of Rezku Prime

  • Multichannel communication
  • Micket management
  • Mlerts and raised
  • Mive chat

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