Robly Email Marketing

What is Robly Email Marketing and what is it used for?

Robly Email Marketing’s revolutionary OpenGen technology starts with regular email campaign sending. OpenGen will then resubmit your campaign 1 to 10 days later, with a different subject line of your choice, only for those subscribers who did not open the first campaign.

Instead of sending your email campaign in one go, Robly Email Marketing’s Artificial Intelligence sends an email at the exact time your subscriber is most likely to check your inbox.

Instead of a normal logging widget, use a pop-up widget with Robly’s exclusive Exit-Intent technology to offer subscribers leaving your website an incentive to join your mailing list and watch your list grow.

50% more openings
Robly Email Marketing’s OpenGen technology will forward your campaign, with a different subject, to those who didn’t open the first time.
List growth
5x list growth
Increase your list up to 5 times by replacing your traditional logging widget with a Robly exit intent popup.

Award-winning Service
G2 Crowd community voted Robly #1 on Customer Satisfaction in its 2016 Fall Report.

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