Rstudio Statistics

What is Rstudio Statistics and what is it used for?

People around the world turn to RStudio Statistical Analysis, an open source statistical language, to make sense of data. Inspired by RStudio users’ innovations in science, education and industry. RStudio Statistical Analysis develops free, open tools for R and professional products ready for business and work

The work of the RStudio team s empower users to be productive with this multivariable software. The Software has the mission to provide professional open source software. These tools are the cause of equipping everyone, regardless of means, to participate in a global economy that increasingly rewards data literacy.

RStudio offers open source, enterprise-ready tools for the computing environment. The flagship product is an integrated development environment (IDE) that makes it easy for anyone to analyze their data with. They also offer many R packages, including Shiny and R Markdown, and a platform for sharing interactive applications and reproducible reports with others.

This statistical analysis software values the safety of their products and customers; they appreciate the contributions of the community to further improve the security of their software. If you think you have discovered a vulnerability in one of your products, contact them immediately so that they can resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Who is Rstudio Statistics aimed at?

Aimed at users in the areas of Science, Education and Industry.

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