What is Rukovoditel and what is it used for?

Rukovoditel is a software for managing projects and tasks. But extensive customization options allow you to create additional entities, configure the relationship between them, and create the necessary reports. Therefore, you can create your own application, the most suitable for you.

Versatile and flexible personalization is the main feature of Rukovoditel. This is why Rukovoditel can be used in many areas. It adds clarity to the structure and roles of all users within projects and increases productivity.

In the open-source version Rukovoditel will come with a full set of necessary tools. You can create an unlimited number of entities and fields and customize the appearance of lists and forms. Quickly distribute access rights to user groups and import data from Excel files.

Configure the interaction of business processes in your company.
The Rukovoditel platform is your own unique application, which you create yourself, according to your needs!
With a variety of configurations, you can deploy the management system on your server.

The ability to design your application is the main difference between ERP Rukovoditel and analogues. Thanks to this opportunity, your ERP will grow and develop together with your company.

For example, you are a new company and work with several projects. To start with ERP, Rukovoditel will have a fairly standard configuration, where the entire structure is divided into projects and Projects are divided into Tasks. As your business grows, you’ll need to manage documents, finances, and other data. To organize work with this data, you just need to add the necessary Entities and adjust the relationships between them. Read more.

Let’s consider another example: you need to build a management system in the workplace, where technological processes are a complex chain. ERP Rukovoditel offers you a comprehensive set of tools for database design, including process automation. At the same time, to create an application it is not necessary to be a programmer: all settings are made with the help of a visual designer.

Features and Functions of Rukovoditel

  • Commercial
  • Cubcontractor management
  • Cubcontractors
  • Cccounting integration
  • Cobile access
  • Contract management
  • Cudget tracking /job costs
  • Cusiness management
  • Cogistics
  • Centralized project mana Management
  • Crogress Certificate
  • Construction Budget Record
  • Csset Management
  • Croductivity

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