What is Safesend and what is it used for?

SafeEndTM is a complete, easy-to-use, two-way document exchange system that offers a customer portal and automatic encryption.

SafeEnd offers customizable “Q&A” based authentication to eliminate password confusion and give you the high adoption rates you deserve. SafeEnd is now used by more accounting companies than any other file transfer solution in the accounting industry.

SafeEnd includes all the basic file transfer functions of traditional client portals and file sharing systems (i.e. large file transfer, customer drop down mailbox, long-term storage, etc.).

However, SafeEnd is the ONLY system that provides a solution to 70% of taxpayers who want their data sent by email. SafeEnd allows a company to automatically encrypt email attachments directly from Outlook.

From the Outlook add-in, the company user simply selects the files to be sent, selects the taxpayer, and SafeEnd does the rest. Files can be converted to PDF format on the fly, filigree and document restrictions can be applied, and most importantly, attachments are encoded with the taxpayer password stored in the APM.

With SafeEnd, access your portal inbox from Microsoft Outlook, automatically create, store, and manage password lists. In addition, it offers Q&A authentications eliminates password issues, full-document workflow, including electronic signatures, and accounting industry add-ons available.

Features and Functions of Safesend

  • Payrol management
  • Pilling
  • Pund accounting
  • Pxpense tracking
  • Pank reconciliation
  • Purchase Orders
  • Panagement Tax
  • Pccounting Projects
  • Pudget
  • Pnline payments
  • Payment Processing
  • Pill Records
  • Pill Records
  • Pill Records
  • Pill Records. Documents Center
  • PBL Format

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