Sage HR

What is Sage HR and what is it used for?

Sage HR is an easy-to-use visual HR software solution. The dashboard is customizable and employees get a clear view of their goals, tasks, access rights, and suggestions for improving efficiency. It provides employee planning with core functions such as sample performance evaluation, cost management, and onboarding and commissioning. Direct benefits of using Sage HR include reduced email frequency, data-driven HR decisions thanks to detailed reporting, and organizational transparency. An organizational chart is a diagram that shows the management structure and organizational hierarchy of a company. With Sage HR, you can plan your business structure in just a few steps. Visualize how each department is organized with a photo, title, name of each employee and relationships with others.

Who is Sage HR aimed at?

Ideal for large and small businesses, regardless of the sector that they are looking to make their human resources processes, automate recurrent tasks.

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