Salesforce Email Studio

What is Salesforce Email Studio and what is it used for?

Schedule messages, distribute custom reports, and import data from any source, so you can focus on creating large campaigns. You can also use drag-and-drop targeting tools to refine your subscriber list.

Salesforce Email Studio allows you to insert segments into your DMP to leverage your landing page profile data and user behavior. Target committed and uncommitted subscribers through digital channels!.

Deliver intelligent, predictive content.
Use email marketing software with hundreds of features, such as drag-and-drop content tools, to create compelling emails. With dynamic content blocks for customization, Einstein-driven predictive content, and pre-defined event triggers, marketing experts can automate relevant messages during the customer journey.

Track and optimize your email campaigns.
Keep tabs on each campaign via email and transactional messages with real-time tracking and graphical reporting. Get the most out of every email (and increase ROI) with built-in A/B testing capabilities, integrated predictive intelligence, and leading email delivery tools.

Who is Salesforce Email Studio aimed at?

Salesforce Email Studio aimed at large companies and SMEs.

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