What is Sanitco and what is it used for?

Biometric authentication is a process in which data on the person’s characteristics is compared with an existing biometric «template» of that person to determine its similarity. The reference model is stored in a database or on a secure portable item such as a smart card. This data is compared with the biometric data of the person to be authenticated. Patient information is important for proper follow-up, and without functional technological innovation, it is almost impossible to keep your data in order and available. With our Sanitco® Software you can consult your medical records easily, quickly, safely and obtain medical reports in real time. The Sanitco® comprehensive health software has 13 modules: configuration, admissions, medical history, billing, inventory, documents, clinical laboratory, cash, logistics, general review, reports and patient status. These fields can be configured to meet the particular needs of your entity. In the face of document fraud and identity theft, with new threats such as terrorism or cybercrime and understandable changes in international regulations, new technological solutions are gradually being implemented. One such technology, biometrics, has quickly established itself as the most pertinent means of reliably and quickly identifying and authenticating individuals, through the use of unique biological characteristics.

Who is Sanitco aimed at?

Sanitco is designed for clinics and medical centers of all sizes.

Features and Functions of Sanitco

  • Mobile

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