SAS Enterprise Guide

What is SAS Enterprise Guide and what is it used for?

SAS Enterprise Guide is a point-and-click, menu, and wizard tool that allows users to analyze data and publish results.

A graphical interface provides easy access to SAS data integration, preparation, analysis and reporting, while process flows help you visually organize and maintain your projects.

Allows you to distribute results by publishing to multiple channels, including the SAS BI report/content repository, the SAS stored process server, printers, Microsoft Office documents, and e-mail.

Provides transparent access to SAS and external data, with the ability to export results to other server-based and Windows-based applications, making it easier for management to consume SAS in a familiar environment.

Automatically detects the availability of a grid environment for more efficient processing. Allows you to configure process flow branches to run in parallel on different grid nodes.

SAS Enterprise Guide integrates a broad range of analytics with the power of SAS software into an efficient, easy-to-use GUI application. Business analysts can produce their own analysis and distribute reports, freeing IT to focus on other strategic projects.

Our solution guides users to quickly access data for analysis, schedule projects, share results, and easily integrate output for repeated use, including access to advanced analytics and other SAS capabilities. A centralized, IT-managed security system ensures that users have the right privileges to access corporate data, enabling them to react quickly to changing business conditions.

Who is SAS Enterprise Guide aimed at?

We direct our product to professionals seeking to improve their analytical databases of SAS data

Features and Functions of SAS Enterprise Guide

  • Integration GDS and Ota
  • Iudgets and estimates
  • IRM
  • Ientral Reservation System
  • Iynamic Content

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