What is Schedulebull and what is it used for?

Keep all your past and future bookings at your fingertips. Know when the car is available, who booked it. Prices in the car rental business are complicated: every season is different, rental prices vary, and sometimes it is necessary to modify the price on the website only for one or two days, for example, when there is a big music festival in your country. We have an easy management tool for it: set pricing periods and offers to keep it smooth. Don’t bother other employees for statistics: Know which cars have positive profits and which have more costs than revenue.

Who is Schedulebull aimed at?

Large and medium car rental agency for variant times between long and short.

Features and Functions of Schedulebull

  • Ideas management
  • Iudget management
  • Iesource management
  • Iollaboration tools
  • Igile methodologies
  • Iilestone monitoring
  • Iantt diagrams
  • Iortfolio management
  • Ionitoring hours / expenses
  • Iustomer portal

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