Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing and what is it used for?

Sender Email Marketing: Send dazzling emails in the blink of an eye with Its intuitive drag-and-drop editor allows you to create newsletters without any knowledge of HTML.

Choose a template from the gallery or easily create yours and upload products to your newsletter with a single click. Your emails will look good on different devices!.

Sender Email Marketing ensures that each email reaches its recipient, so you can focus on creating amazing newsletters. Send thousands of emails with confidence!.

Push notifications are small square messages that appear in the lower-right corner of the screen. Web-push notifications are an advanced marketing technique that is especially useful when looking to reengage with potential customers. Web push notifications are sent without the person at the receiving end doing anything. Once the user has signed up, they receive the push notification even when the website is not open in their browser.

Build the bridge between your email lists and your revenue
The sender allows you to stay in touch quickly and easily with your customers and grow your business, while spending much less.

Make the most of email marketing with automation
Create your own automated emails with our powerful automation workflows. Use our visual workflow editor to make it easier than ever. Keep your audience engaged even while you sleep.

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