What is Sendinblue and what is it used for?

SendinBlue: Don’t you have any experience in designing e-mails? There’s no problem! Let the powerful SendinBlue editor do the technical work for you.

Choose and customize an email model to easily create a beautiful newsletter. The editor automatically optimizes the result for all devices: mobile, tablet or computer.

Customize your emails based on your contacts to increase your reactivity and optimize your campaigns before sending them. Send up to 300 emails per day for free without any obligation!.

We want to help you get where you want to go!
I always take into account where I come from, from a small company and with a great desire to achieve something great. This is the reason for Sendinblue to develop a tool that gives control to any size of company to achieve their own dreams.

Grow your business through customer interactions.
We help companies find their customers. This mission is in our DNA and is the driving force behind everything we do.

By adopting a modular approach, we allow companies to build the marketing engine they need, with less effort and at a reasonable cost.

Our platform allows all companies to create and develop relationships with their customers across all digital channels.

Who is Sendinblue aimed at?

We offer a relational marketing solution all in one and affordable, created for any business size.

Features and Functions of Sendinblue

  • Budget
  • Bustomer and supplier database
  • Bnventory
  • Bnline payments
  • Bayment processing
  • Bill records
  • Bntegrations
  • Blectronic billing

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