Sendx email marketing

What is Sendx email marketing and what is it used for?

SendX Email Marketing: Drive more sales by turning non-buyers into buyers with SendX!. Use smart targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google, depending on what your users take.

SendX customers have reduced their cost per conversion by up to 75% using targeted ads, resulting in a much better marketing ROI. Take advantage of the right channel to reach your audience!.

SendX also automatically optimizes email submissions based on your subscriber’s past activity (such as open email, clicks and conversions) and time zone (such as US. UU AND UK)

Send unlimited email campaigns
Create your email list
Automate advanced email streams

Reach your email subscribers
Send email campaigns
Design, schedule, and track email campaigns. Boost sales from your emails.

@Upload Email List Enabled
Send Email Broadcast Campaigns
Reports to measure clicks, opens and more

Grow your audience
Create your email
list Create your email list using high-conversion email pop-up forms, online forms, and landing pages to own your audience.
#Design your forms

Conformed themes Integrates with any website.

Reports to measure conversions
and more

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