What is SERV-U FTP Server and what is it used for?

Serv-U FTP Server is simple, affordable and easy-to-use server software that securely and quickly transfers documents from your organization.

With Serv-U FTP Server encrypt files using SSL/TLS protocols to prevent tampering, leaks, or exposure during transfer. Easily view, upload and download files using intuitive web interfaces and mobile devices. Swap multiple and large files (> 3GB), view the transfer queue, and pause or resume active file transfers.

It also allows you to view file transfer details and provides control settings such as bandwidth, storage, access, and permissions. Set concurrent session limits, block the IP address of time-out sessions, request reverse DNS, and more.

The optional Serv-U Gateway plug-in provides in-depth defense security for the Serv-U FTP Server deployment. Ensures that data is not stored in the DMZ to comply with PCI DSS and other regulatory frameworks.

Configure file transfer limits to avoid the risks of bandwidth limit and storage consumption. Move or delete files automatically after transfer. Disable or reset the user name and password after any number of days.

In addition, the Serv-U FTP Server wizard-guided interface allows you to create users and groups that can be given access to the file server. Serv-U FTP Server makes it easy to manage user accounts and shows you everything you need on the dashboard. Serv-U FTP Server is effective, accessible and easy to use.

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