What is SHIPMONK and what is it used for?

ShipMonk provides DTC e-commerce brands, package delivery companies, and brands seeking omnichannel and B2B retail fulfillment with the technology they need to grow and scale effectively. Our advanced 3PL platform provides a cloud-based order, warehouse and inventory management system that helps businesses of all sizes across industries optimize order delivery and fulfillment through a single portal. This first-of-its-kind platform provides a single, easy-to-use service for each 3PL resource, making it easy to manage multiple layers of your operations. Whether you’re a startup, a long-established company, or something in between, our 3PL software enables ecommerce business owners to stress less and grow more by providing incredible data, transparency, and easy-to-use compliance management. system

Who is SHIPMONK aimed at?

Directed independent workers to large, medium and small businesses

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