Shopping Cart Elite

What is Shopping Cart Elite and what is it used for?

Shopping Cart Elite can be your central data center for all your products. You can ship it to any market channel, such as eBay, Amazon or Google Shopping on demand, while keeping orders, inventory and customers in the office in sync using our NEW product that integrates directly into the Elite shopping cart called Omni Channel Hub.

Many companies migrate to different e-commerce platforms multiple times because their software integrations don’t work. All of them are looking to grow their business by implementing a successful SEO, PPC and social media marketing campaign, and all of them are looking for a company that can do everything.

Our team of experts will carefully study your needs and draw up a plan that will solve your daily routine of intensive work and sleep deprived in 30 days so you can see your sales soaring.

We control the entire end-to-end process to set up your online business and automate everything in it. This includes graphic design, data entry, fine tuning, custom development, synchronization and hosting.

We build marketing systems on Shopping Cart Elite to work together as a package. Shopping Cart Elite is the only e-commerce platform that performs a complete AZ software development and internal marketing for our customers.

We implement 100% of the guidelines recommended by the Google Webmaster, and we also automate a large part of the white hat SEO. As a result, we have the best SEO e-commerce platform.

You can easily sell on eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping and 20 other purchase comparison channels without using other software. Everything is integrated into the Elite shopping cart.

Features and Functions of Shopping Cart Elite

  • Mediateca
  • Mudio capture
  • Mivision and fusion
  • Mideo capture
  • MD video editing

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