What is Shotcut and what is it used for?

Shotcut is an easy-to-use cross-platform video editor designed to help businesses edit video and audio files into high-resolution finished products. This easy-to-use video editing software can be used to import raw video from webcams, screenshots, and audio to the system. Shotcut features native timeline editing so you can join videos and change images. You can take fonts with different resolutions and frame rates and combine them into the same project. Some of the key features include single frame export, audio mixing, audio filters, video transitions, and other video editing tools to complete your video work. Shotcut integrates with your hardware (webcam, microphone, etc.) to capture audio and video. It can also work with video effect plugins, file managers, and web hosting services to upload your videos. When installed on a device, such as an external device drive, you can use Shotcut as a portable app. Shotcut is available as free and open source video editing software and is available for download in versions of 32 and 6 bits, depending on your computer.

Who is Shotcut aimed at?

Shotcut is an easy -to -use multiplatform video editor designed to help companies edit video and audio files in finished high -resolution products

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