What is Systemhaus and what is it used for?

We are the software that adapts to the needs of your residential. We have the
Commitment to be the best tool for your administration. We are the perfect ally
to carry out your tasks in an innovative and technological way. We have modules


Accounting and finance


● Gain control of the monetary flow within the residential

● Check the account status of residences

Record expenses with your documents

● Take better control of your collection

● Generate strategic reports of flows and budgets

● Provide your residents with the payment method thanks to the payment portal with

● And much more…


Registration of visits and QR Codes

Parcel registration

Reservation and management of amenities

Services Module

Lost and found

Announcements, votes and surveys

Service Personnel Registration

Contact Directory

Intuitive dashboard

Configuring users, roles, and permissions

And much more… 

Who is Systemhaus aimed at?

Haus is focused on condominium administrators who seek to efficient the processes of their condominiums, providing the best service to their customers. We seek to be flexible software so that administrators have the best tools and can increase their income being in charge

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