Slashdb Data Base

What is Slashdb Data Base and what is it used for?

SLashDB Database automatically generates a REST API from relational databases. Database content becomes accessible to web, mobile, and business applications authorized to read and write in convenient formats such as XML, JSON, and CSV. In addition, HTML rendering helps navigate through data./db is able to provide a central access point to multiple databases, effectively forming a resource oriented architecture (ROA) consistent with the schema and content of databases.

SLashDB Database takes an existing database model and automatically builds a web service API from it. This makes your data instantly accessible to mobile apps, websites, or business systems.

Save up to 90% time on data level development and invest your resources in differentiation features that your users can see. SlasHdb automatically creates REST APIs from traditional databases to read in writing in JSON, XML, CSV and other formats. Use SLashDB as an instant backend for web/mobile applications or business data integration.

Automatic REST API to read and write databases. Instantly enable your website or legacy systems for mobile devices or monetize your data assets with an API.

SlasHDB Database works in two modes:

Data Discovery: Automatically reflects all objects in the database as URL addressable resources
SQL Step by Step: Configure any SQL statement and link it to a URL
In both modes, the data becomes addressable through a simple URL.

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