What is Slickplan and what is it used for?

Slickplan is a product of Awmous, LLC, a software development company focused on creating web-based SaaS solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Creating site maps is an essential part of the website and information architecture design process. The Slickplan sitemap creator lets you design, edit, share and collaborate professionally with ease.

Having a great user experience design keeps your visitors happy and committed. Use the Slickplan diagram maker to plan user interaction, test scenarios, and identify problem areas within a website.

The great content makes good websites. The Slickplan Content Organizer is the perfect way to centralize content collection and editing on the page, unify content types and designs, and collaborate with multiple contributors.

Clear visual images complete any web project. Use Slickplan design mock-ups to share planning visuals with team members, stakeholders, and customers. Centralize your comments and versions.

A website planning suite for professionals, teams and agencies. Collaboration, real-time exchange and export of CMS well done. Get 30 days free today.

Features and Functions of Slickplan

  • Portfolio management
  • Plient portal
  • Pdeas management
  • Pollaboration tools
  • Pgile methodologies
  • Pilestone monitoring

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