What is Smartbox and what is it used for?

SmartBox is a product of PanTerra Netwoks, offering seamless integration of unlimited cloud storage with enterprise-grade security.

SmartBox provides unlimited and secure cloud storage for your corporate files and documents. It also includes synchronization of mobile and desktop devices and easy-to-use capabilities. Manage all your employees’ SmartBox content and controls through a single, easy-to-use management portal. Centrally control access, sharing privileges and more.

Instantly sync all your corporate content to any of your devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Get real-time document updates. SmartBox is fully compatible with HIPAA/HiTech. Get multi-factor authentication and 24×7 monitoring to secure confidential business content.

With SmartBox, share content in multiple ways, including simple link sharing, Streams sharing, Outlook/Gmail sharing, and folder/file sharing. Optionally, implement secure password sharing and temporary exchange. Save unlimited versions of your files automatically. Restore older versions with ease, protecting it from accidental deletion of a file.

SmartBox has a powerful feature that allows you to share any subfolder at any level with anyone, regardless of the share configuration of the parent folder. Organize and share files the way you want.In addition, it supports global and personal file metadata tagging, as well as real-time search for all SmartBox files, allowing you to identify, find, and share information more quickly.

Features and Functions of Smartbox

  • Analysis
  • Aultichannel data collection
  • Aext analysis
  • Aegative comments management
  • Aurveys and polls management
  • Aeelings analysis
  • Anowledge Management

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