What is Smartfocus and what is it used for?

Make your campaigns work automatically with SmartFocus!. You can now include real-time items, interactive coupons, or custom embedded videos in your emails.

Bring your message to life for every person who opens it. Content is always up to date, no more clicking on prices, sizes or out-of-date stock levels.

SmartFocus provides you with the tools to tailor your services to ensure the best ROI possible. Capture the attention of your customers with a personalized and consistent experience!.

Supported integration types
SmartFocus can be integrated in the following ways:
Business application desktop applications, such as business intelligence or reporting tools, can also easily connect to Tealium services such as DataAccess.
Device-Based Delivery These connectors send data to the desired provider or service directly from the customer or device where the data originates.
AudienceStream These connectors are integrations hosted within the Tealium platform that use AudienceStream. They receive data from the source customer or device and send that data to the desired provider or service.

This integration provides these features
Create or update member Create or update
member Subscription member
Cancel subscription Member Cancel subscription Submit
transactional message Send transactional message

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