What is Socialclout and what is it used for?

SocialClout helps any person or company optimize and measure their social media management efforts. It is an award-winning product that provides social media analytics and helps analyze the sentiment around your company or brand among followers, customers or prospects of major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Real-time participation scorecards, campaign or publication scheduling, keyword search, ready submission reports and competition analysis reports are some of the diverse capabilities that are grouped into transparent, flexible and affordable pricing plans.

With SocialClout listen to the most active media of social networks and get information about your brand, company, product and services on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, forums, etc. a marketing plan is incomplete without Social Media Monitoring. Understand the pulse of people about your company, products, publications, and campaigns across the platform and explore it to interact with them.

Gain valuable insights and trends in the form of best-in-class reports generated by analyzing multiple data points and ultimately generate opportunities for these campaigns and leverage the power of best-in-class reports to make your campaigns more effective.

Features and Functions of Socialclout

  • Policy management
  • Proker / brakers portal
  • Plaims Management
  • Pudget Management
  • Pilling
  • Panagement Risk Assessment
  • Panagement Fees
  • Plassification Insurance

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