Solidus ecommerce

What is Solidus ecommerce and what is it used for?

Solidus E-Commerce is an open source e-commerce platform built with Ruby on Rails from the Spree platform.

Solidus was created to support high-volume stores with varied and complex needs. Many peripheral use cases or specific features have already been included in our platform. Solidus keeps its store running smoothly, while a community of developers works together around the world to improve the platform.

There are no service, licensing, management or transaction fees for the use of Solidus E-Commerce. And because it is open source, you decide where and how to host your store. Take control of your e-commerce experience without losing control of your checkbook.

Manage your inbound and outbound inventory across multiple warehouses and storefronts. It’s easy to update and control the stock of your product as your business grows. Add products and create variations based on product attributes or user collected data. Create searchable product lists. Even add metadata to products as a manufacturer number. Organize your products using custom categories and subcategories. Give your categories customer-friendly names on the front-end. Your products can belong to any number of categories.

With Solidus manage your stores in multiple storefronts from a convenient manager, regardless of different currencies or shipping solutions. Calculate taxes for each country, state, or custom zone you ship to. The integrated tax calculator is flexible and extensible, meaning you can handle all your complex rates and tax categories.

Solidus allows you to view sales reports directly in the management interface. Connect with a reporting solution you already use as a Looker or RJ Metrics and speed up your analysis. See our extensions to quickly hook in Google Analytics as well.

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