What is Thrivesolo and what is it used for?


It’s just an all-in-one management solution for the creative professional. It’s designed to help freelancers manage their business, improve workflow and increase productivity, all from an incredibly beautiful environment. With Solo you have the following with a click of a button: smart and flexible tracking of time; elegant appointments; professional invoices; beautifully managed projects; customizable dashboard; business intelligence.

Stay up to date with your workload, review your performance, analyze the percentage of deadlines, and manage your time and tasks. Keep up to date so you can take on more and increase profits.

Time sheets that are easy to maintain; and if you forget to press start, it is easy to enter time manually. In addition, Thrive allows you to assign hourly rates to job types so you can charge more for certain skills and analyze billable and non-billable hours.

One-click billing means that great-looking invoices are created quickly and easy to send. Fields are instantly filled with the necessary details, ready to be sent to customers with a single click, saving time and helping you pay faster.

Thrive distills your business data to make it easy to understand and act on. All the facts and figures are interpreted for you, and then presented beautifully so that you can take advantage of them.

Thrive helps you keep an eye on what comes in and out with simple visual metrics. It allows you to set up and control recurring costs (such as rent, accommodation and utilities) and easily add random one-time expenses so you can see where the money goes at a glance.

Milestones and tasks come together in one place so you can focus on what to address next. Metrics provide feedback on your performance, helping you generate jobs within the budget and deliver projects on time.

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