Solve 360

What is Solve 360 and what is it used for?



Solve CRM is an online database for tracking contact history and managing projects, making it easy to import and export your data. With highly customizable forms, fields, tags and workflows, Solve is an incredibly flexible system. Recognized for its useful integrations, including Google Apps and Xero, as well as excellent customer service.

Automating repetitive activities saves you massive time and squeezes human error. Solve CRM allows you to do exactly that with something called Activity Templates.

Solve CRM has unlimited custom fields so you can record any customer information you want. You can use smart tags to categorize customer information and add context to it.

Solve CRM comes pre-integrated with a growing list of amazing web applications, offering your team an arsenal of commercial tools. Application integration brings tremendous value to your business by providing a single interface that keeps staff focused and adds context to previously disparate information, leading to better decisions and actions.

Team members have business-critical information enclosed in their individual email accounts. Solve CRM allows them to systematically link their emails to contacts, businesses, and projects, and share them with their entire team.

Solve CRM activity reports tell you at a glance what has been done and what needs to be done. Task lists, opportunity reports, and schedules for teams are just a few examples. You can also update things on the spot so you don’t lose your flow.

Manage what information is shared with each team member. Automatically group contacts, companies, and project blogs into workgroups, then grant individual users full or partial permissions.

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