What is SPHINX IQ3 and what is it used for?

Measure the experience holistically with Sphinx:

  1. Create advanced, personalized questionnaires tailored to the customer and point of contact
  2. Cutomate according to the customer journey
  3. Ceach the customer through several channels (sms, email, paper, QR …)
  4. Cet up email alerts and manage the dissatisfied with your own platform
  5. Analyze the data in your own way in real time with advanced indicators (NPS, matrices, benchmark, evolution…)
  6. Analyze the comments of surveys and social networks (tone, topics, orientation …)
  7. Capture the results and design your own operational dashboard for real-time tracking
  8. Create your own interactive online report with graphs, tables, images, etc. for a strategic analysis, exportable to PPT, PDF…

Who is SPHINX IQ3 aimed at?

For any person in charge of the satisfaction and experience of the client or employee.

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