Sprinklr Display

What is Sprinklr Display and what is it used for?

Sprinklr Display is a powerful digital signage product designed to help tell stories with live data. Collecting information, analysis and unique content from social and other sources, Sprinklr Display facilitates digital signage. Using a formatting capability called Storyboard, Sprinklr Display presents data in compelling narratives to produce truly engaging experiences.

Gather data from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, news sites, blogs and many other sources to empower the experiences that incorporate the most important channels for your brand. The Sprinklr Display Data Editor allows brands to have multiple data modeling options including filters, dimensions, metrics, groups by, and more.

Engage audiences with engaging user and brand content experiences. Share calls to action to join the conversation using a hashtag, set up a hashtag voting contest, let buyers see how fans enjoy specific products, or gather the marketing team to see the campaigns deployed.

Sprinklr Display offers sophisticated design capabilities, with dozens of modern templates for viewing data or content and a style editor for fine visual adjustment, plus a built-in display manager for display installations worldwide. The display manager has direct access to each display or display wall, making it easy to change content from any location.

Features and Functions of Sprinklr Display

  • CRM
  • Curchase Order Management
  • Cinancial Management
  • Ceports /Analysis Creation
  • Croject Management
  • Carehouse Management

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