Squish Software

What is Squish Software and what is it used for?

Squish is flexible and allows you to customize projects to collect the exact information needed to solve problems effectively.

Easily add, modify, or delete fields.
Define additional parameters, specific field types, such as text, search, user list, date/time, and so on.
Assign unique permissions to each team member or manage group permissions through Roles.
Configure custom problem workflows using required fields and automatic field updates.

Squish allows you to monitor troubleshooting from project conception to full production mode with ease.

View the full history of a problem, including all comments, attachments, and field changes.
Perform advanced user-defined searches.
Save or share searches to continuously monitor changes.
Generates custom statistics about project problems.
Use milestones to track progress across multiple versions.

Squish keeps you and your team members up to date by allowing you to receive updates automatically or as needed.

View issues or custom searches so you can easily track changes from your project’s home page or through automated emails.
Choose to notify users or user groups when updating an issue.
Get a summary of recent updates, unresolved issues, and items you are viewing on your project’s home page.
Use the wiki to centralize project information.

Features and Functions of Squish Software

  • Task management
  • Tmport and export of data
  • Thared files
  • Tollaboration tools
  • Tearch /filter
  • Task list (to-do list)
  • Tocument storage

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