What is Statwing and what is it used for?

Statwing is an easy-to-use statistical tool. Expert users work 5 times faster in Statwing than they would in Excel or statistical tools like R or SPSS, and novice users can get as much information from their data as an expert data analyst. Statwing’s modern and intuitive interface automatically chooses statistical tests and then reports results in plain English.

Statwing automatically detects outliers or other data problems, so you’re always using the correct statistical test. Statistically analyze your quantified self-information to understand patterns and relationships in your life Statwing automatically displays all analyses and allows easy export to PowerPoint in spreadsheets and statistical software, creating simple charts takes too much time and effort. Understand the structure of your data, so you automatically create histograms, scatter diagrams, heat maps, and bar charts that you can easily export to Excel or PowerPoint.

Traditional statistical software was created decades ago for statisticians, so it requires technical knowledge to ask even simple questions. And unlike traditional software, it takes data issues into account as outliers, so you can always rely on your analytics.

Features and Functions of Statwing

  • Metric social networking

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