What is Storbie and what is it used for?

Storbie E-Commerce is the online store and marketplace builder platform that allows companies to create and manage their own e-commerce website.

Optionally, Storbie E-Commerce allows you to join the platform’s markets to reach more customers and sell more online. Allow e-commerce experts to provide you with optimal website design to ensure that navigation and content are presented in a way that is aligned with how today’s consumers want to get involved with your business.

It’s quick and easy to create a Storbie E-Commerce website, packed with easy-to-use e-commerce features that maximize your revenue. You can make changes quickly and easily. No technical knowledge is required. Many website creation technologies give you too much flexibility, requiring you to become an expert in “e-commerce usability”. Storbie does all that for you.

In addition, Storbie recognizes the need to tell the story of its brand and use the content to market its product and product ranges. While still intuitive and easy, Storbie’s content management system offers you just the right amount of flexibility.

It’s integrated with the Xero accounting system and Vend point of sale, giving you the perfect solution for your business, from the workshop to the online office. Provide your customers with a secure login so they are the only ones who can see your product mix and wholesale prices.

Features and Functions of Storbie

  • Rfi and shipments
  • Rccounting integration
  • Robile access

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