Stratum BI

What is Stratum BI and what is it used for?

Stratum by Silvon is a business intelligence solution that was designed to meet the needs of business professionals working for manufacturing and distribution companies.

Silvon is SPECIALIST in providing operational visibility to manufacturers and distributors… helping more than 2,000 companies over the past 30 years effectively leverage sales and operations data to boost their business.
Unlike other IT projects, using analytics requires a partner who can help you successfully create and execute a long-term plan based on your specific performance visibility needs. Our consultants are experienced Silvon employees with extensive manufacturing experience who have the experience and knowledge to manage ALL aspects of a supply chain performance analysis implementation, from initial installation (which usually includes sales and inventory performance) through of the evolution of analysis to enable operational visibility between companies.

We offer a complete package of prepackaged ANALYTIC APPLICATIONS that are easy to customize and designed for users to quickly start working on their operational level data analysis. We call our StratumTM product package.
Many years working side by side with manufacturers and distributors resulted in the Stratum suite that exists today. Other vendors claim to have enterprise-wide analyses, but you will find that few keep that promise due to their lack of industry expertise.

With Stratum, Silvon provides a low-risk way for supply chain companies to exploit multiple data sources for operational performance analysis, regardless of whether the data is in one or more business systems or comes from third-party vendors.
Since we’ve been doing this for 30 years, we know all the “bugs” when we try to access and analyze operational data from multiple systems… multiple locations… and multiple sources. As a result, we can easily incorporate, organize, and optimize your data within a central data repository (or version of the truth) that your business users can easily access.

Features and Functions of Stratum BI

  • E-commerce software integration
  • Enstant payment
  • Eccounting software integration
  • Eata tokenization
  • Epi
  • Ewo authentication factor
  • Eoupons
  • Eiscounts
  • Eromotions and gift cards
  • Eeports / Analysis
  • Eurrency / Language – Internationalization
  • Ech Payments and Electronic Check Processing
  • Eigiyal Wallet Promotion
  • Eestorring Billing
  • Eeal Time Payments
  • Eccepthed Credit and Debit Cards
  • Encrypted
  • Eustomizable (Fields
  • Ebjects and Designs)

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