What is and what is it used for? is a cloud-based social media display wall that uses hashtags to display real-time updates to the world’s favorite social networks. Combine Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the same sequence.

Strea.maTM offers you these great benefits: make your events and marketing campaigns more interactive and fun; encourage your audience to promote your brand on social media; display authentic user-generated content to build confidence in your brand; and make better marketing decisions with the Strea.maTM social analysis.

With Strea.maTM’s built-in social hub, you can automatically include all of these updates, conversations and images on a single, easy-to-use screen, and everyone can see how your custom content stream unfolds in real time.

With Strea.maTM, you can make your broadcast match the colors of your website, and you can choose whether to display the hashtags of the route to your visitors. In addition, embedded streaming is responsive, so it will be reduced to fit any screen size or position in the design of your website.

Finally, you will be able to automatically bring all these updates, conversations and images to a single, beautiful, easy-to-use screen, and everyone can see your adapted stream of user-generated content by rolling out in real time.

Features and Functions of

  • CRM
  • Crder Management
  • Cistribution Management
  • Cupply Chain Management
  • Cinancial Management
  • Croject Management

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