What is Streak and what is it used for?

Streak is the only CRM fully integrated into your Gmail inbox and works in conjunction with all your other G Suite applications. With Streak, keep track of team workflows from start to finish. Everything from your inbox. Streak adds Gmail in seconds. You already know how to use Gmail, so you already have all the training you need.

When a CRM like Streak is easy to master, everyone on your team really uses it. With Streak, it is realistic to finally upgrade everyone to a CRM based workflow, as they will be more organized, better manage email at scale, and better communicate with the team.

Reach people to scale. Manage forward and backward easier than ever. There is no need to switch from email to external ATS. Keep track of applicants where you really talk to them: in Gmail.

In addition, you can turn your inbox into a customer service platform. Manage pipelines and team activity in one place. Also, get visibility of the communication of representatives. No need to be CC’d.

With Streak, you attract more customers and grow your existing relationships, while unifying communication across your team with ease. Manage contacts and tracking with your customers, and you can track the status of each transaction within Gmail.

Streak Snippets allows you to insert emails with templates directly into Gmail, so you can send emails faster. You can save subject lines for reuse as well.

In addition, Streak’s update is immediate and intuitive. Add a new column of any type, rearrange stages, or delete data at any time. Set up and customize a perfect process for your team regardless of the use case or how you work.

As simple as a spreadsheet: adding, editing, and collaborating is very easy. Easily filter, classify and group your data in any configuration to quickly identify bottlenecks. See upcoming tasks through all your pipes.

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