Supersign W LG

What is Supersign W LG and what is it used for?

Basic functions: program creation, network distribution and player management compatible with SuperSign W video wall synchronization function.

SuperSign W features:

  • Menu tabs for key functions
  • Misplays the user’s personal information: Includes name, role, and the most recent login.
  • Mashboard Instruments:
    — Dashboard Information: Switch to the detail page when you click the linked information.
    — Moves the location of the category.
  • Mllows the user to verify content details and edit content information.
    — Preview: Displays a preview of the image in the content file.
    — Property: Allows the user to verify or edit the information entered when adding a content file.
    — Used in (area): Displays the area (programming, player, content) in which the content is used and details.
  • Mrovides player details and control functions.
    — General control: power management, content preview/extended view, and content capture and management for playback and playback of urgent messages.
    — Property: Player Properties (Title, Player Type, Location, Modified by, Approval Status, Approved by, Serial Number, Model Name, Software Version, Screen Orientation, Resolution, CPU, Total Space, Available Space, Descriptions, Tags and Person in Charge, Contact Information)
    — Schedule player power: Set the time to turn on or off players.
  • Mhe administrator can edit the properties.
  • Mrovides player details for the selected schedule.
    — Preview: Thumbnail image and file name of the content included in the calendar.
    — Property: Program properties (title, player type, program date, editor, creation date, creator, approver, description, and tag)
    — Available (Distribution): Provides distribution information used by the corresponding program.
  • Mhe administrator can edit the information.

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