Tableau Server

What is Tableau Server and what is it used for?

Easily connect to data stored anywhere, in any format. Quickly perform ad hoc analysis that reveals hidden opportunities. Drag and drop to create interactive dashboards with advanced visual analysis.

Exceptional analyses require more than a beautiful control panel. Quickly create powerful calculations from existing data, drag and drop reference lines and forecasts, and review statistical summaries. Make your point with trend analysis, regressions and correlations for a proven and true statistical understanding. Ask new questions, detect trends, identify opportunities, and make evidence-based decisions with confidence.

Answer the “where” and the “why”. Create interactive maps automatically. Built-in postal codes mean lightfast mapping for more than 50 countries worldwide. Use custom geocodings and territories for custom regions, such as sales areas. We design Tableau Server maps specifically to make your data stand out.

Get rid of static slides for live stories that others can explore. Create a compelling narrative that allows everyone you work with to ask their own questions, analyzing interactive visualizations with new data. Be part of a culture of data collaboration, expanding the impact of your ideas.

Connect to data on premise or in the cloud, whether it’s for big data, a SQL database, a spreadsheet, or cloud applications like Google Analytics and Salesforce. Access and combine disparate data without writing code. Advanced users can pivot, split, and manage metadata to optimize data sources. The analysis begins with the data. Get more from yours with Statistical Analysis Tableau Server.

Who is Tableau Server aimed at?

Tableau Server is compatible with all types of user and companies

Features and Functions of Tableau Server

  • Collaboration tools
  • Cgile methodologies
  • Cilestone monitoring
  • Canban Board
  • Crioritization
  • Ccrum method support
  • Collaboration tools
  • Cask management
  • Coard collaboration
  • Cracking milestones
  • Canagement pending work
  • Conitoring progress
  • Clanning sprint

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