Octane Alm

What is Octane Alm and what is it used for? Octane ALM is an ALM software that supports various types and test frameworks, including manual, Gherkin and automated testing, enjoy existing test assets by importing manual testing and using SCM to reuse relevant automated testing. Test results (UFT, Selenium, Performance Center, etc.) will be visible … Leer más

Polarion Alm

What is Polarion Alm and what is it used for? Polarion ALM is a browser-based requirements management platform, quality assurance and application lifecycle management, ALM, specially developed to manage software-intensive product development, so organizations can use this product to Replacing costly and disparate legacy tools with a unified solution for development processes using Model-based Design, … Leer más

Codebeamer alm

What is Codebeamer alm and what is it used for? CodeBeamer ALM is an integrated, holistic application lifecycle management platform that delivers comprehensive requirements management, development and testing, and quality assurance functionality. It provides seamless traceability and powerful features that cover the entire lifecycle of product development from start to finish. Packed with advanced features … Leer más

Orbis Alm Software Alm

What is Orbis Alm Software Alm and what is it used for? Orbis is a definitive platform for the delivery of software, which integrates the capabilities of both ALM, Application Lifecycle Management, and DevOps, which was created by Xerida, an innovative Spanish company composed of professionals experts in Technology Consulting, Software Development and Systems Integration. … Leer más

Cloudbyz itpm alm

What is Cloudbyz itpm alm and what is it used for? Cloudbyz ITPM solution is an ALM software that helps organizations gain visibility, knowledge and control throughout the work, providing all the tools that an ALM should have to properly align resources, projects and objectives, optimizing strategy and business performance. Cloudbyz ITPM is software that … Leer más