Jobvite aspiring monitoring

What is Jobvite aspiring monitoring and what is it used for? With the presentation of Jobvite Text, driven by Canvas.It’s time to start engaging candidates in real-time conversations. Jobvite Text allows recruiters to hire candidates wherever and whenever. In today’s fierce talent market, recruiters need new and innovative tools to talk to candidates who are … Leer más

Newton Software

What is Newton Software and what is it used for? Newton Applicant Tracking: If you have open jobs, then you need Newton’s recruitment software. With our Applicant Tracking Software you have the confidence of over 8,500 HR and recruitment professionals every day to manage and organize your recruitment programs. While industry averages point to low … Leer más


What is Workable and what is it used for? A single platform to manage the recruitment process is Workable all Workable recruitment software provides you with a source data and assessment of candidates, tracking applicants and helping you collaborate with your recruitment teams. Workable’s most popular candidate tracking system is trusted by over 6000 companies … Leer más

Jazzhr aspiring monitoring

What is Jazzhr aspiring monitoring and what is it used for? Applicant Tracking for the modern world JazZHR is a scalable recruitment platform to help you achieve large recruitments constantly. We set the standard in recruitment software the candidate tracking system you need to recruit better candidates, get more organized and get excellent employees. Get … Leer más


What is SUCCESSFactors and what is it used for? How do you win the talent war, keep employees fully engaged, and transform your workforce into the future? SAP SuccessFactors is cloud-based integrated human resources software that helps you unlock the full potential of your workforce and deliver results across your enterprise. Make the move to … Leer más

icims recruting

What is icims recruting and what is it used for? ICIMS Applicant Tracking: Simply and successfully recruit the people you need easily and effectively with the support of a leading candidate tracking system, reach more jobseekers, streamline your processes and make better recruitment decisions is easy to use and built to meet your needs, ICIMS … Leer más


What is PCRECruiter and what is it used for? PCRecruiter serves thousands of customers around the world who hire third parties for permanent placement, direct hiring of companies and hiring of personnel. PCRecruiter provides complete CRM/ATS functionality, including converged databases, voice, email, and API interfaces that use accessible and standardized technology that allows recruiters, managers … Leer más